Buyer FAQ

Frequently Asked Home Buyer Questions

by Coralee | Florida REALTOR®

How long does it take to buy a home?

Usually 30-45 days from the day we find the right home.

Can I really buy a home for $0 down?

Yes. You will need to be prepared to have a minimal amount to hold your contract (usually $1000).

Can you put me in touch with a lender?

Absolutely! It is always great to begin at your own bank.

Do you work with lenders that have the (free money) down payment assistance program?

Yes, I usually know which lenders are providing down payment assistance programs for first or second time home buyers.

Do you know which inspections will be needed and who to call to perform them?

Yes. I know of various inspectors, surveyors, water testing facilities, septic inspectors, pest inspectors, and structural engineers. Not all inspections are needed for each home purchase. I’ll advise you on which will be needed.

Do you advise to have inspections done?

Absolutely, it is better to know, than not know, any major repairs needed. Also the estimated life of major appliances, and structural components of the home.

Can I use the home I purchase for any purpose? (Renting?)

This will depend on the location of the home and deed restrictions set. I can help you find out for certain.

Can I ask the seller to pay closing costs?

Yes, you can ask the seller to pay these costs for you.

Can I get a loan on land?

Yes, there are lenders for land only.

Can I get a loan for a condo?

This will depend on the condominium, on a case by case basis. Some condos are typically cash only while others can be financed. I can help guide you through this process as well.

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